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Conference services

For business meetings, seminaries, workshops, trainings, we offer conference rooms with capacity of about 30 seats and a lounge with about 12 seats.

You will sure appreciate the pleasant interior of rooms and the possiblity to adjust the lay out of tables according to your needs and purpose. We offer to rent out technical equipment, commonly used for above mentioned purposes.

Our conference rooms provide:

  • white, large surface magnetic board+ flip chart
  • TV projector with following inputs: TV, VGA, DVI, SVHS
  • DVD player
  • shared LAN network (6 users)
  • internet (VRI 46) DSL
  • projection of data
  • projection screen
During trainings and lectures hot and cold snacks, coffe, tea, drinks, etc. can be provided.

Evenings with live music can be organized on request. If you are interested in trips, we offer to organize your transportation. The surrounding area offers possibilities for sport activities. We provide storage of your bicycles and skis or to arrange their rental.

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