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Tips for trips in Orava

Vicinity of the guesthouse Severka

The guesthouse is located in Oravská Lesná, in the protected natural territory of Horna Orava. The conifers and ever green trees prevail in the forests. It is located in the centre of the village and is easily accessible by car or by bus.

In the village of Oravska Lesna you can find the folloowing services for public:
  • post office
  • bank cash machine
  • medical centre and a pharmacy
  • two restaurants, a pizzeria, coffe bar
  • Supermarket Coop Jednota (next to the guest house) and other shops selling different goods
  • indoor ice ring
  • gym, playgrounds
  • indoor swimming pool
  • car - repair service
  • rentals of bicycles and ski equipment
  • tennis courts
  • Winter ski centre Oravasnow with  a chair lift
  • private observatory
  • educational forest trail
  • unique  narrow gauge mountain  railway in operation
  • beatiful church of St. Anna, built in traditional architectonic style, typical for mountainous areas

Tips for trips

  There are several points of interest in the picturesque village of Oravska Lesna and surrounding area. Walking around the village the visitors can see sacral monuments, boar preserve, a zig- zag forest railway (unique in the world), observatory, look outs, etc first of all, however, beatiful forests, meadows and mountains.

During summer period the local exuberant nature gives opportunities to pick forest fruits, mushrooms and healing herbs.

Oravská Lesná,as the westernmost part of the region Orava, is located on the border with the region of Kysuce in the West and Poland in the North. This location makes it a good strategic point for longer trips to museums, galleries, castles and sailing trips on a boat or a raft.

Oravská Lesná is also a starting point of educational trips to the  Euroregion Oravske Beskydy.

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