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Village Oravská Lesná

Oravská Lesná is a village, tucked under the mountains of Oravské Beskydy and Oravská Magura. In  Oravská Magura springs the river Biela Orava. Measured by age, Oravská Lesná is the youngest village in Orava, by its size it ranks among the biggest villages in Orava region. Oravská Lesná comprises scattered houses and settlements, of which some are as far as several hours of walk distant from the centre(Ústredie). The village lies in the altitude of approx. 800m above sea level as is referred to as the village with the coldest climate in Slovakia. Thanks to good snow conditions, it is attractive especially for skiers, who can ski here on the natural snow until April.

Church of St. Anna

  The church of St. Anna is the dominant landmark of the village. The church was built in the secession architectural style and has become pride of not only the community, but also of the whole Slovakia. The roof of the church is covered by shingle, the interior is made of unique combination of wood and stone.

The forest railway in Oravská Lesná (OLŽ)

This forest railway, situated in Oravská Lesná, is a part of the forest railroad system built in Kysuce and Orava.. Its unique system of zig-zag rails made in into a rare technical monument on the worldwide scale (a similar technical gem can only be found in the mountains of Peru). The railroad was reconstructed and since June 2008 the little train opretes during summer season on the Orava side from Tanečník to the mountain gap Beskyd.

Forest educational trail

A stroll on local forest educational trail  (about 4km) is a unique experience, available also to untrained hikers. On information boards placed on individual stops along the trail one can learn a leto about the mutual relationship between man and forest, about the history of forestry and importance of forest fot the life of people in thes region.


 A visit to the local private  observatory  with its biggest non-profesional telescope in Slovakia, especially on evenings or nights, under favourable weather conditions, can be an unforgettable experience.

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