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Sports activities and accommodation in Orava

The surroundings of the guesthouse Severka offers to its guests several possibilities how to spend time actively.

Orava with all its narural beauties provides vast opportunities fork hiking and trips to visitors from spring to late autumm. No matter, if you are physically more or less fit, there is always somthing for your here. The altitude of approx.1000m secures excellent snow conditions and therefore a good chance for winter sports.

Hiking and biking

Orava is a border region. It is run through with different marked tourist trails for hiking and bicykling.

Cross country and down hill skiing

For those, who in winter love spending theri time on slopes, there are several ski centres in the vicinity of Oravská Lesná:
  • ORAVASNOW Oravská Lesná (5 km) with a 4 seat lift
  • SKI SEVEN Zákamenné (10 km) with evening skiing
  • SKI ZABAVA Hruštín (30 km) (zábava=entertainment)
  • SNOW PARADISE Veľká Rača (35 km)
  • SKI PARK Racibor Oravský Podzámok (40 km)
  • SKI PARK Kubínska hoľa (50 km)
In all above ski centres in case of lack of natural snow there are snow guns, producing technical snow on ski slopes. There are free of charce parking facilities, ski schools and rentals (+repairs) of ski equipment.

Other opportunities for sport

In summer bathing, swimming and sailing in a boat on the "Orava see" can be a niece piece of experience. You migh enjoy a visit to a bowling centre in Námestovo, playing tennis on the nearby tennis courts, iskating or riding n a sled, pulled by dogs horses...

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