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Boarding in the guesthouse

A non smoker stylish  restaurant,  furnished in the traditional style with wood lined walls, located in the ground floor of the guesthouse, offers its service to the guests of the guesthouse, as well as to incidental by passers. Its capacity is 45 places. On the menu there is a wide choice of meals of the Slovak and international cuisine.

You can spend a pleasant time sitting in the  café  of the guesthouse, enjoying a delicious drink, cup of  coffee or some of the sweet temptations.

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Penzión SEVERKA**
Ústredie 765
029 57 Oravská Lesná

Tel: +421(0)43 55 24 590
Fax: +421(0)43 55 93 290
E-mail: penzion@severka.sk

49°22'10.31"N, 19°11'09.27"E